Bailey Bridges Variable Configuration And Span

Bailey bridges variable configuration and span

Bailey Bridges, Inc. manufactures and supplies portable Bailey component panelbridges and maintains a significant inventory of replacement components forUSArmy designed M1, M2 and M3 bridges. Bailey's portable component panel bridgesare for purchase or rent. Additionally, Bailey's experienced staff is availablefor field consulting on bridge applications and to assist in proper fieldassembly, installation and dismantling of pedestrian bailey bridge and in theinstallation of small to mid sized fixed pedestrian and vehicularbridges.

Variable Configuration
Bailey bridge components can beassembled in seven different configurations to efficiently accommodate a widerange of span and capacity requirements. Panels, the primary Bailey components,are pinned together at the job site to make girders of any length. Variousgirder strengths are achieved by assembling either a single row of panels, ortwo or three rows side-by-side. Panels may also be stacked in double-storyheight for further increase strength. For greatest strength, longer spans may bechord-reinforced.

For highway use, typical Bailey bridge clearspans range from 20 ft to 200 ft. Multiple-span bridges of any length arepossible by incorporating intermediate supporting piers.

The BaileyBridge is a safe, proven answer to diverting or detouring traffic forconstruction. A perfect solution, a temporary Bailey Bridge detour for thecontractor:

For highway use, typical Bailey bridge clear spansrange from 20 ft to 200 ft. Multiple-span bridges of any length are possible byincorporating intermediate supporting piers.

Speed construction –pre-engineered stocked components
Safety – time-tested performance
Modular– fast installation and removal
Versatility – 10' multiple bays use the sameparts
Cost effective to own and re-use in different length bridges
Damagedparts can be easily and quickly replaced from stock