Bailey Bridges Produced By Our Company Are Exported To South East Asia Market Increasingly Hot

Bailey Bridges produced by our company are exported to South East Asia market Increasingly hot

April 24th,2013,a suuny day, all the leaders and staffs of our company warmlyreceived MR.LIM from Singapore,CHUAN PTE LTD .
      The clients expressed great appreciation for the productiontechnology,The conversation between The technicians of our company and themabout technology made them extremely satisfied,and they gave high recognition topowerful enterprise strength reflected by our company. Even if the clients needto place rush order,thousands of tons of stock would make them notworried.Increasingly Progresssing in the field of steel bridge, Jiangsu BaileySteel Bridge Co., Ltd not only has many long-term and stable customers athome,but also makes its influence going abroad, displaying Chinese bridgeengineering technology and Chinese wisdom to the peoples of the world vividly bythe bridges produced by our company.