10 Bailey Bridges(HD200-type) Have Been Delivered To Sri Lanka

10 Bailey Bridges(HD200-type) have been delivered to Sri Lanka

On April 14th 2013, the packing of 10 Bailey Bridges for Sri Lanka has beencompleted. This batch of bridges is service-oriented temporary bridge for ourcompany to support the highway project of Sri Lanka. these bridges are all hotgalvanized to re-use and to increase the service life.
Bailey Bridge was invented in 1938 by Donald Si Bailey,a British engineer.This kind of bridge is composed of the portable and standardized truss elementmade of High-strength steel,transom,longitudinal beam,bridge deck,abutment walland connections. with the special erection equipment ,the truss bridgeappropriate for various kinds of spans and loads can be assembled swiftly on thespot. Bailey Bridge is divided into 321-type and HD200-type. In China,themountable steel bridge has been developed greatly,and it was put into productionin 1965. early Bailey Bridge is used for military affairs,namely, militarybridge .Now besides the war preparedness ,Bailey Bridge has been widely used forthe rescue and relief work\the traffic engineering\The municipal hydraulicengineering and reinforcing the bridge in danger,etc .